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Vape Batteries 

Many starter vape kits employ built-in batteries, often called ‘internal’ batteries. These are a fixed part of the device and offer the convenience of being charged through the kit via a USB port without needing to be removed and charged separately.  

More advanced vape kits, however, use ‘external’ batteries that deliver more power. These are especially common for ‘sub-ohm’ devices, which are vape kits designed for low-resistance coilshigh-VG e-liquids, and high wattage outputs.  

Such kits may use one or two external batteries to provide the power needed. These can be charged using an external battery charger, or just as common, within the device itself via a USB port.  

What are the benefits of External Vape Batteries? 

Brute power is the first, obvious benefit of external batteries, especially when you consider the high wattages some vape mods can output. Beloved by enthusiast ‘cloud chasers’, these mighty mods are usually powered by one or two external batteries to achieve the high wattages that produce thick, flavorsome clouds.  

The other benefit is that you can keep extra batteries, pre-charged, close to hand whenever your device is running low. When you’re far from a charging port, these can be a life-saver: just pop out your spent batteries and replace them with fully-charged ones and you’re ready to go! 

What kind of External Batteries are available? 


By far the most common battery for most mods and a high-powered vape kit, 18650’s are the first choice for many vapers. The digits denote the battery’s 18mm diameter, 65mm height, and a “0” that represents its cylindrical form. Long-lasting and relatively quick to charge, 18650 batteries are reliable heavyweights.  


Not quite as common as the 18650s, 26650s can nevertheless be found in some vape devices. The digits denote the battery’s 22mm in diameter and 65mm in height. 

Battery Tips and Safety  

 Only use within manufacturers specification. 

Lithium-Ion cells should be charged on a dedicated charger rated specifically for Lithium-Ion cells. Most batteries intended for vaping are Lithium Ion-based. 

Never leave a battery unattended whilst charging and don’t leave charging overnight. While batteries are far safer than cigarettes in the home, overheating from charging can occur so vigilance is always recommended.  

Keep away from animals and children. 

It’s recommended that you don’t let your batteries lose their charge fully before recharging. This will help prolong their life.  

Wraps and insulators should be periodically inspected for tears or damage. If a battery has a damaged wrap, it should be repaired or disposed of immediately. 

Batteries usually have a cycle life of between 200-500 cycles (this varies with manufacturer), around 6 months, before noticeable capacity drop-off. Batteries should be recycled at this time. 

Do not crush, incinerate or modify any battery. Byu your vape Batteries in Dubai From Eliquid Dubai.

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