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World Wide Vape since it’s launch has been providing excellent quality mods, e-liquids, batteries, and other equipment. Our products are well recognized on the market for their durability, excellent quality, and great working. We are well aware that a lot of debate is going on around the safety of Vape batteries due to random explosions. So, to ease our customer’s worries here is a list of safety measures that can not only help you extend your battery’s life but can also help in ensuring that you remain safe.

1 Use a case for your batteries

People buy extra batteries for there Vapes so, that they can end up replacing them quickly. However, some people also end up throwing the batteries in their bags or pockets instead of placing them in a case. The end result is that any key or coin that comes in contact with the battery damages it and turn it into a ticking mini explosion that can end up exploding any time. It is better that you buy a case from the Vape shop along with your batteries. This makes it easy to carry and minimizes the risk of explosion. We have excellent quality Vape Cases available you can take a look at the images below.

2 Slot Battery case

4 Slot Battery case

2 Use the Vape charger to charge batteries

Don’t make use of cheap counterfeit chargers they may seem like a good deal at the time but in reality, they are the biggest cause of battery explosions. Always buy chargers from the manufacturer or the shop it will help keep you safe. We have a wide range of chargers on our sites you can take a look at the images below as well. The chargers are compatible with different batteries and they have safety features installed for overcharging such as over-voltage, reverse polarity, over-charging and short-circuit. They are well renowned and provide complete customer satisfaction.

LUC V2 Charger by Efest

D2 Charger by Nitecore.

Follow the Guidelines of the Manufacturer

Each Vape comes with a set of guidelines regarding the use of Vape and its maintenance. The manufacturer spends a lot of time and effort in developing a product which is why they are well aware of its weakness and strengths. They provide instructions so, that the product can function properly and you can use it easily, therefore, please read all of the guidelines that a manufacturer provides and try to follow them. This can keep you safe and can result in your Vape working properly for a long while.

Don’t overcharge your Battery

Many people have a bad habit of placing their electronic devices on charging for the whole night. Most of these devices have safety measures installed so they don’t overcharge however, there have been cases where mobile batteries exploded and ended up injuring people. The vape battery is no exception if you end up overcharging it might end up exploding. The new vapes have safety measure installed in them, however, instead of taking unnecessary risks it’s better to develop safety measures. If you change this simple habit it will result in minimizing the risk of explosions. Also, don’t use phone or tablet charger to charge Vape as this can lead to an explosion as well and while charging place your Vape on a cold, hard surface which you can see clearly. This way once the Vape charges you would be able to take it off and it is recommended you stop charging the Vape after it reaches the 60% mark.

5 If the batteries get damaged or wet replace them:

If your batteries end up getting damaged or wet for some reason then immediately contact the shop or manufacturer and get them replaced. Many Vapes come with a warranty you can use it to get your batteries replaced or repaired for free

6 Don’t use counterfeit batteries

In our world, a lot of counterfeit products exist and vape batteries are not spared from it. The counterfeit batteries might be cheaper from the original ones but they increase the risk of explosion significantly. Every vape battery is developed according to the specified model if you buy cheap batteries thinking that they will work perfectly then you are wrong. They don’t have the same material and charge level as the original one. This incompatibility between batteries and vape leads to the battery short-circuiting. Our batteries are of high quality and provide excellent results. We have batteries of different brands available that are purchased directly from the market or the manufacturer these include Efest, IJOY, IMREN and many more.  These batteries come in different sizes and Mah levels such as 18650 3500 MAH battery by Efest, 20700 3000 MAH Battery by IJOY and 21700 IJOY battery

Counterfeit Ultra  Batteries.

Original IJOY 3000 MAH Batteries

18650 3500 MAH battery by Efest

7 Keep your batteries in cool and dry place

You should keep your batteries in cool and dry places exposing them to extreme temperature or wet area can end up damaging them and can result in an accident occurring.

8 Place your batteries in the correct order

Place your batteries according to the +/- specified by the manufacturer placing the batteries in the wrong order can lead to the vape not working and in worst case scenario it can also end up causing a fire.

9 Dispose of your damaged batteries properly

Keep an eye on your batteries if at any point you discover any kind of damage to the batteries no matter how minor immediately dispose of them because even minor damage can lead to huge problems. Don’t tell yourself its ok to use them as they are or you will throw them out later do it right away this can lead to minimizing the chance of the exploding batteries. You should wrap the batteries in a recycling bag before throwing them away this can be found at any shop.