Hitaste P6 Mini Heat Not Burn Device


Hitaste P6 Mini Heat Not Burn Device



Hitaste P6 Mini Heat Not Burn Device

Hitaste P6 Mini Heat Not Burn Device. For Heat Stick Iqos.

Net weight: 55g

OLED screen

Auto-clean function

Battery capacity: built-in 1200mah

Input voltage: 5V / 500mAh

Charging time: 3 hours

Warm-up time: 15 seconds

Smoke Time: 180-360 seconds

One full charging: Support 15 tobacco cartridge

Support about 15pcs heat sticks, the durable battery can support smoking 15 pcs tobacco sticks(210s 250℃) 

Simple use with OLED display shows battery level、temperature、smoking count and smoking time

Easy clean with Auto-clean function

First, press the button 8 times continuously in the standby mode, the device will start automatically cleaning with 1 vibration, displaying clean.

Start the timer 5 seconds later, the surface of the heating stick automatically being cleaned, and the device vibrates once again when the automatic cleaning is completed.

Second, the system automatically jumps out if the device needs to be cleaned after every 5 heat sticks are used, at the same time, it vibrates 5 times, press plus/minus button to switch Y and N, SELECTING Y to display. Please remove the tobacco heat stick.

After confirming the removal of the tobacco stick, press the power button to confirm, enter the cleaning state. While selecting N or no operation, the device will return to the main interface in 15 seconds.
Pay attention to removing the tobacco stick before cleaning.
After the automatic cleaning is completed, take out the heat-insulated cover, clean the carbon dust in the bottom of the heat-insulated cover, and the bottom tobacco sticker holder with a cleaning brush, a cleaning swab, etc., and then put the heat-insulated cover back on the device to continue use.
Note: When cleaning the heating stick, please use the cotton swab to wipe gently and carefully in case of a break

No blade cleaning, No breaking of pin

Detailed operation on  ON-OFF Pause

On: Press the power button 3 times within 2 seconds to power on, and the device vibrates once to preheat, the preheating completed after another vibration, then ready for smoking

OFF: Press the power button 3 times rapidly in standby mode, the device vibrates once with automatic shut down and display over

PAUSE: Press the power button for 2 seconds to pause during smoking, the temperature kept at 100 degrees, and press the power button for 2 seconds over again to resume normal smoking

Adjustable smoking time up to 6 mins

Adjustable smoking temperature 

Ceramic heating stick

Cylindrical structure makes heating stick stronger

1 X P6 mini, 1 X USB cable, 1 X User Manual

It doesn’t come with a heat stick. You need to buy it separately.



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